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Standing events are popular for plenty of reasons:

• You can fit more people into the same room
• People appear more approachable while standing
• Your guests’ networking reach is increased as nobody is stuck at their designated table

Most commonly, standing events tend to be organised for occasions such as corporate events, product launches, exhibitions and receptions. This type of event setting presents one networking opportunity after the other.

The presence of food at an event like this can facilitate your guests’ ability to ease into conversations with others, especially strangers. Aside from the weather, there is no better conversation starter than a remarkable flavour.

Canapes for such occasions should meet the following criteria:

• Be non-messy and easy to eat
• Unlikely to get stuck in one’s teeth
• Able to keep your breath fresh and easy to digest

“The worst is going to an event where the canape is too big for me to eat without a plate. It gets messy very quickly. Not exactly the best look in front of your peers or relatives you are trying to impress.”